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Hair Care Guide

What Will My Hair Be Like?

VKS Bundles offers the SILKIEST, SHINIEST, and SOFTEST hair on the market! 

Will My Hair Shed?

Not only is our hair TANGLE-FREE, but there is MINIMAL to NO shedding at all! Maintain your VKS Bundles as if they were your real hair for best results!

How Long Will My Bundles Last?

Keep in mind, our hair is cut directly from the donor. With proper care, your bundles can last for 1-2 years!

Can I Color/Dye My Hair?

Of Course! We encourage you to get the FULL POTENTIAL of your VKS Bundles!

How Many Bundles Should I Use?

Normally, 3 of our VKS Bundles are standard, although, if using a frontal or closure 2 should suffice.

How Do I Care For My Hair?

That's easy! Keeping your hair clean is the most important part of maintaining long lasting bundles. Follow these simple step-by-step instructions to keep them looking FRESH!

1.) Brush Your Hair Out

2.) Wet Hair, Add  A Good Detangling Shampoo, And Keep Brushing.

3.) Rinse Hair And Work In Your Favorite Deep Moisturizing Conditioner.

4.) Dry, And Add Your Favorite Leave In Conditioner To Keep The Hair Soft & Moisturized.

**PRO TIP: Braid And Wrap Your Hair Before Going To Bed.

**PRO TIP: Avoid Using Pantene Products Which Causes The Hair To Be Brittle.

**PRO TIP: I Recommend Using Wet Wavy Frizz Free Curl & Wave Mousse On Our Wavy/Curly Bundles To Help Lock In Curls And Keep Frizz Away!